December 20, 2010

Mud Football

I was driving home from the Post Office today when I saw something that look like so much fun that I had to stop. There were a group of kids playing Mud Football in the park. If I was only 20 years younger I would have love to joined them. Here are some of the photos that I took standing in the rain watching them play.

On a side note. This was a drag. As I was leaving the cops where putting a stop to the fun. 


Anonymous said...

was there any more photos from today or were these the only ones? i was there.

mud said...

are there any more?

Chad said...

Hi Mud.....there are a few more. These were just my favorites. Send me your email address and I can upload more for you to a download-able website.


mud said...

i dont have an email haha

Chad said... to this link. All photos are download-able.