April 8, 2010

Wedding Planning Tips

I was recently talking to my wife Jill. I am sure if you know me, you know Jill. She and I were talking about the things that really make a wedding POP. Jill being a Wedding Planner and me being a Wedding Photographer we came up with a long list. But since I do not enjoy typing I will share the top three.

  1. Hands down has to be the Bride's dress. It will set the tone for the entire event. And it is most likely the one thing the Bride has been dreaming about since she was a little girl.
  2. The flowers. The flowers incubus so much more than just the center pieces and bouquets. There should be flowers everywhere. Hanging from the chandeliers, surrounding the Bride & Groom table, around the guest book, on virtually every the table, and most definitely on and around the cake. Which brings up to popper number 3.
  3. The cake. Not only does the cake have to taste good. It has to look amazing. When the Bride and Groom are having there formal photos taken the cake is the show. Everyone will be eyeballing the cake until the newlyweds arrive. And not to mention it will probably be part of a two page spread in your wedding album.

Back to Popper #2. I have even seen fresh flowers in the restrooms. That was a nice touch. All the little things add up to make your big day spectacular.

If you need more wedding tips please contact me and I will have Jill give you a call. After all, she is the expert. I just know what looks good in photos.

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